Prior to Anjing, there’re actually a couple of other small webcomics I’ve previously made you could read. One is about a shy little aardwolf, and another is about a childish but lovable eevee.

If you like the art on this site, I have a few galleries up and around where I post some of my art. My main gallery would be over on Weasyl while Tumblr serves as a feed gallery and a notification blog. But that doesn’t mean I don’t also post on DeviantArt and FA.

Outside of that, my main website is over at It is also where I post my small floppy disk sized computer games. They’re all free to play so why not take a look ~

Other Webcomics

I’ve been reading webcomics possibly since the dawn of the internet. They truly are a medium of love and expression that is versatile and accessible, and many have used it to share their own stories and takes of their experiences.

Here is a list of nice reads. Some are old but classics, while others are new and impressive. Beyond The Western Deep, Bird Boy, Broodhollow, Dinosaur Comics, Dr McNinja, Fantastic Tales of Nothing, Faux Pas, Freefall, Harpy Gee, Lackadaisy Cats, Little Dee, Nedroid, Ozy and Millie, PVP, Rising Sand, Sakana, Sam And Fuzzy, Scurry, The Abominable Charles, The Glass Scientists, Wuffle, and XKCD.