It’s a cave. But the winds that run through them echo the noises of what was once youthful fervour. That ruins on the hill ? Remnants of a once living walking city whose feet of cobble and stone carried its inhabitants over lakes and valleys.¬†All might come to dust but there is still life deep in the old bones of earth.

Anjing follows the journey of a dog named Naila, but it also treads upon the stories of other dogs who inhabit the lands and their paths in a world malleable to the whims of words. There will be tall tales of places that shouldn’t exist, creatures from the furthest dreams, and artefacts bound by no laws.

In a sense, it’s a callback to traditional stories where the ‘magic’ is not the lights and spells of sorcery, but of curiosity and wonder. The notion that the workings and machinations of the world have not yet been written down in old musty textbooks, but are still being gathered, from the beliefs and feelings of everyone who has a story to tell.

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