/ ˈbā-gəl · kä-lē /

1. A small nocturnal creature that likes to make odd comics, program strange games, and drink teh tarik.
2. An archaic word for a sleepy doof (citation needed).

– Etymology –
Prior to Anjing, there’re actually a couple of other small webcomics I’ve previously made you could read. One is about a shy little aardwolf, and another is about a childish but lovable eevee. Recently against my better judgement, I have started another comic over at It’s a Mystery Maybe ! It’s a sort of spiritual sequel to one of my previous comics.

If you like the art on this site, you can catch a few more over on my galleries at DeviantArt, Weasyl, and FA. If you reeeeeeeeally like the art on this site, you can *cough* commission me to draw you something nice *cough*.

I’m terribly rubbish at the social medias but I’m around on some ! You can hear me making mediocre jokes over on Twitter or posting outdated memes over on Tumblr.

Other than that, I occasionally make small floppy disk sized games and pop them up over at ~

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