Chapter 9-14

That’s the last page for chapter 9. I usually take a small break between chapters to pen out the next one but I’m going to make this gap a slight longer. I feel like I’ve been drawing the characters a bit too stiff, so I’m going to remodel them to allow for a more looser style of drawing.

6 thoughts on “Chapter 9-14

  1. I love how these stories are like icebergs, you can see there was a lot of things behind but you donĀ“t need them to get the epic conclusion.

    1. Ah ! I do actually, it was one of the first stories I wrote for the comic but ironically, what it is, it’s also the final story. The last chapter if that comes, to be told when Anjing has had a good run and to close the book on the whole thing.

      1. Oof well it will be bittersweet when that happens then. The story is amazing, and it will be sad when it ends.

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