9 thoughts on “Chapter 7-6

  1. I just finished reading the whole comic thus far and WOW. This is super good. The characters are interesting, the story deep and intriguing. Maybe a bit too exposition-y at some points, but hey- it only adds to the depth of the story. Can’t wait to read more!

    1. Ah thank you ! That’s a fair point actually I do find myself rambling at some parts, I’ll see if I can make some of the later ones more on point ~

  2. Testing, testing, 2 1 1 3.
    First off all, I like this new comment system – the old one was asking for us to sign up to use it or something. Secondly, I’m really liking how this story is playing out! I find myself checking it far more often than the pages update, but that just means I’m right on top of it when a new page is uploaded. ^^
    I’ll have to set aside some time to re-read all this again when you conclude this comic. I’m sure that’ll be a nice afternoon.

    1. Oh, the old comment system was basically ‘all the cool hip webcomics were using it’ and I wanted to be cool and hip too, ahaha. It won’t be long ! I think there’s only 4 or 5 more pages to this chapter ~

  3. Must…refrain…from…making…Bird Box…reference…
    Oh, and please don’t reveal too much about the ‘creatures’.
    The last time you did that in Chapter 2, it kinda killed the suspense and mystery.

    1. Whooops – *drops the script for the chapter, revealing the creature is actually very close with her mother during their youth but circumstances made it bitter and resentful leading to it being constantly angry at her during potions class. And Dumbledore dies*
      I’m actually more preferential to the A Quiet Place movie.

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