Chapter 4-4

Once in a while, like the fruits of any tree, one of them would fall from the great tree’s branches. And we could pick it up and hold it in our paws like the fruits of any tree. But unlike other fruits, these ones were magical.

They felt warm and comforting to touch. And if you were to close your eyes and whisper unto it something deep down in your heart, it will dissolve and float away like holding sand into the water, and as its last glow fades, that wish will come true.

At first, they were kind wishes, wishes of good health and joy. And oftentimes they would be wished upon others whom they are less fortunate. But over time, as greed took over, those wishes slowly turned to malice and hurt.

Those that were hurt wanted to hurt back. So they climbed the tree and took the fruits before they were ripe to fall. And over time, as more and more of the fruits were taken, the great tree became completely bare, and the magical sight that sparkled like jewels during the night was no more.

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